Caps New Alternates

By Max Wolpoff

Yesterday in Las Vegas, Alex Ovechkin walked into his press conference for the NHL Awards ceremony in what, at first glance, looked like a Rod Langway sweater from the 70s.

Caps 2015 alternate home

Caps 2015 alternate home

In fact, he was wearing the Capitals newest alternate home uniform.

These “new” sweaters harken back to a simpler time; a time when the Caps were lucky to get 15 wins in a season and our biggest worry was whether or not there would be a “next year” for the Caps.

Original Caps sweaters

Original Caps sweaters

1995 saw the Caps break from the red and switch to a white/blue scheme. The blue was ditched in ’97 in favor of a black road uniform.

Caps jerseys from 1997-2002

Caps jerseys from 1997-2002

2007, three years after the team drafted Ovi, saw “Rock the Red” return with the current sweaters. The 2011 Winter Classic threwback to the home whites of the 70s; Caps fans got used to seeing a lot of these jerseys this season, especially during the playoffs.

With the retro look formally established as our alternate home and away, the Caps have fully embraced “Rock the Red” through all of there color scheme.

Images courtesy (in order of usage): @washcaps,


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