The Iron Throne

Via @joeyzstingrays

The voice of the South Carolina Stingrays posted this picture on Twitter saying, “Took 1st step in summer project yesterday: sorted broken sticks collected from 14-15 season to build chars/tables”.

The following is an exchange of emails between him and I.

Q: What exactly is your summer project?

A: I am taking broken hockey sticks and making them into chairs and tables.

Q: What motivated you to take on this project?

A: I’ve made chairs before and thought it would be fun.

Q: How have you obtained the broken sticks?

A: Through the Stingrays and other ECHL/AHL teams.

Q: What player from the Stingrays broke his stick the most?

A: I would probably say Michal Cajkovsky.

Q: Do you plan on selling any of these?

A: I am not. These will be for my personal use and gifts.

Q: How long does it take to make each chair?

A: Good question. I’m not sure. I’ll be building them in my free time.

Q: Are you doing this so you don’t have to think about game 7*?

The Stingrays lost game of the Kelly Cup Finals 6-1 on June 14.

A: Oh no. I’m doing it for fun. Game 7 was a long time ago.

Q:Are you planning on mixing the sticks in a single chair or one team’s sticks one chair?

A:The chairs will be a blend of all the teams and players

Q:Are any goalie sticks in the pile?

A: Several. They were not in the picture.

When the Stingrays need an extra body, they sometimes put this guy in who aspires to be a goalie. For more updates and all things Stingrays, follow Joey on twitter @joeyZstingrays


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