Draft Recap

Draft Recap.

In round 1, the Caps drafted Russian goalie Ilya Samonov with the 22nd overall pick. The Caps now have a surplus of goalies under contract (including Holtby who hasn’t signed yet). I’m expecting a goalie to be traded. With Orlov, Kuznetsov, Ovi, and this new guy, the Caps now have 4 Russians. This video is getting more and more realistic. http://youtu.be/OkJednDFJGA
I think RMNB might be behind all of this.

On day 2 the Caps started off with a trade. Rangers traded No. 57 to the Capitals for No. 62 and No. 113. The Caps then drafted Jonas Siegenthaler who is regarded as a big mobile defenseman. The Caps, and himself, thought he would go mid first round. The Caps had been trying to move up all of day 1. After 2 rounds of no picks, they were up again at number 143 and drafted Connor Hobbs. At 173 the Caps made their final pick COLBY WILLIAMS. The Caps do want to win now, and are still concerned about the future, which is smart.
When the Caps hired the new staff, I said to give them 3 years. Year 1 was not bad. I am looking forward to year 2.

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