NHL Polls say Caps will lose in Second Round, are the Third Most Improved

NHL.com occasionally does a poll that interests Caps fans. Today, that poll asked those who scrolled down far enough how far the Caps would go in the playoffs next season. The next poll asked who was the most improved team since the season ended. The main issue with polls like this is that they cater to people who read the league’s website everyday, even in the offseason.

Regardless, the league’s fans did not seem interested in believing the whole #dcrising movement. Despite 15% of voters saying the Caps would win the Stanley Cup, over 30% said the Caps would (again) lose in the second round. The appalling stat? A whopping 17% thought the Caps would miss the playoffs altogether. These are (probably) the same fans who believe everything uttered by the likes of Don Cherry and Mike Millbury.

The Caps should, however, are fortunate to be discussed in the same breath as the top two draft teams a few weeks ago. Edmonton and Connor McDavid took tops while Jack Eichel (go BU!) and the Sabres took second. The Caps took third, ahead of the Dallas Stars, who recently acquired Patrick Sharp via a trade with Chicago.

With the signing of Justin Williams and the trade for TJ Oshie, the Caps have made calculated splashes in the market after major free agent signings last year with Brooks Orpik and Matt Niskanen.

Caps fans need not worry. If the opinions of other team’s fans determined how we thought about our team, we would never have made it past the “Save the Caps” campaign in the 80’s. This is a non-event for the team, but it serves as a reminder that the league does not believe in #dcrising. No matter; part of winning is to prove your opponents wrong. The Caps have 29 other teams to prove wrong. Only then will they be champions.


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