He wants HOW MUCH?!?!?! Braden Holtby seeks $8 Million a season


If you’re a normal student like me, you woke up late today, had a light breakfast and went to shower thinking that the news of the world could wait until afternoon. Then I get out of the shower to discover how wrong I am.

Braden Holtby, the Caps brick wall in net the past few seasons, is looking to earn $8,000,000.00 next season. The Caps are looking to keep his cap hit near $5,000,000.00 a year. The two sides will likely need the help of an arbitrator on Thursday to sort out these differences.

Then there’s the Brouwer Rangers reaction.

Per the website General Fanager, Hotlby’s asking salary would make him the second highest paid player on the roster, behind Alex Ovechkin ($9,538,461) and ahead of Niklas Backstrom ($6,700,000). Alex Prewitt of the Washington Post reported that the Caps are seeking a one year contract out of arbitration.

No one is going to dispute Braden Holtby’s importance to the Washington Capitals future, especially after he finished fourth in Vezina trophy voting (thanks a lot, Devan Dubnyk). However, $8 Million a season? Considering the Caps have yet to sign Marcus Johansson, who will also be going to arbitration, that $8 Million hit may be too much for the salary cap. The team still has about $10 Million left in spending money, but to give 80% of that to one player sounds ridiculous.

Most of the roster spots are sorted out now or will be by training camp. If the Caps do decide to walk away from arbitration, Phillip Grubauer might be thrown into the fire of starting full-time in the NHL. A Thursday arbitration hearing means that the contract award must be announced by Saturday. All Caps fans can do now is wait until then and hope for a deal to be made.


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