Breakdown Of Holtby Contract


About 26 hours after their arbitration meeting the Washington Capitals and Braden Holtby agreed to a 5 year $30.5M for an average of $6.1M per year. Let’s dive into it right away. These are the numbers I would give him based on last season.

Wins: 41, 2nd in the league. If you count each win as $10k, that adds up to $410,00 add $90,000 for tops 3 in the league, you have $500,000. If you add another $250,000 for win percentage, 56%, you will be at $750,000.  Add another $500,000 for having 91% of the Caps wins this year the total comes to $1.25M.

Shutouts: 9, 2nd in the league. If each shutout is worth $25k, that is another $225,00 and a $350,00 bonus for top 3 in the league you are at a total of $1.6M. Keep in mind, all money from shutouts comes in addition to everything he gets in a win.

GAA and SV%: Holtby finished in the top 10 in both categories. He faced the most shots, had the most saves, and gave up the 4th least amount of goals compared to the rest of the league. Instead of going for a dollar figure for each save or for each decimal point I will award Holtby $2M. After his regular season stats, I would have given him $3.6M.

That is not where goalies earn their money. We all know what a hot goalie can do for you in the playoffs. Just look at what Cam Ward did for Carolina in 2006.  This past postseason Holtby stood on his head; he was the true reason we got past the Islanders and made it to a game 7 against the Rangers. He is the reason we were up 3-1 in that series. He had a .944 SV% and a GAA of 1.71. He was second in both categories this postseason. For his post season efforts, I would give him $1.5M. Giving him a total of $5.1M for his stats.

Intangables and Recognition: This season, Holtby gave the team confidence. I was confident going into every single game knowing we had a beast in the crease. That is something most teams do not have. In additon, Holtby finished 4th in Vezna voting for leagues best goalie this past season. For his recognition and for the confidence he gave his team this season, that is where he earned his final $1M.

Do you think this was a good deal? I do. I am glad to have the beast back and am very excited for this upcoming season. #IsItOctoberYet? #FiveMoreYearsOfHoltbeast.


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