Pop-Up Q&A with the Stingrays

Last week, Joseph Zakrzewski and the South Carolina Stingrays twitter held a pop-up question and answer session. So, since I have no life, I asked a lot of questions over the breif period he was available.

Me: What’s your strategy for increasing your online presence next season?

Stingrays: Looking to produce more video content have have more FUN!

Me: Who was the unsung hero of the playoffs last year?

Stingrays: Michal Cajkovsky had a HUGE playoff year, D Frankie Simonelli and Drew MacKenzie logged big-time minutes also

Me: Fun Question: what’s Cool Ray‘s [their mascot] hat size?

Stingrays: 23 to help rest comfortably over his wings

Yeah, I'd say a size 23 hat would fit him

Yeah, I’d say a size 23 hat would fit him

Me: serious question: is there a specific team you’re looking forward to playing next season?

Stingrays: Looking forward to swing through Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas in February

Me: will regular season games be on Caps Radio 24/7 or was that a one time thing?

Stingrays: It would be great to join @CapitalsRadio again!

(Your move, Caps Radio)

There will hopefully be more of these as the summer progresses. In the meantime, you can follow the team @SCStingrays and their PR guy @JoeyZStingrays for all Stingrays related news.


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