Pop-Up Q&A with the Stingrays

Last week, Joseph Zakrzewski and the South Carolina Stingrays twitter held a pop-up question and answer session. So, since I have no life, I asked a lot of questions over the breif period he was available.

Me: What’s your strategy for increasing your online presence next season?

Stingrays: Looking to produce more video content have have more FUN!

Me: Who was the unsung hero of the playoffs last year?

Stingrays: Michal Cajkovsky had a HUGE playoff year, D Frankie Simonelli and Drew MacKenzie logged big-time minutes also

Me: Fun Question: what’s Cool Ray‘s [their mascot] hat size?

Stingrays: 23 to help rest comfortably over his wings

Yeah, I'd say a size 23 hat would fit him

Yeah, I’d say a size 23 hat would fit him

Me: serious question: is there a specific team you’re looking forward to playing next season?

Stingrays: Looking forward to swing through Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas in February

Me: will regular season games be on Caps Radio 24/7 or was that a one time thing?

Stingrays: It would be great to join @CapitalsRadio again!

(Your move, Caps Radio)

There will hopefully be more of these as the summer progresses. In the meantime, you can follow the team @SCStingrays and their PR guy @JoeyZStingrays for all Stingrays related news.


About Max Wolpoff

Journalism student at Boston University ('19), lifelong fan of the Washington Capitals. Current broadcaster for the Boston Blades of the CWHL. If you ever need him during the week, Max is probably studying for something.
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