(Potential) Destination of Notable Roster Cuts

The Washington Capitals released 17 players from their Training Camp roster. Some are bound for Hershey, others South Carolina, and still others to their Junior or College team. With that, let’s look at a few of the notable cuts and where they might end up come October.

Derek DeBlois, forward
The Stingrays standout played well in the Rookie Tournament in Estero, Florida but will likely return to South Carolina for more experience. He could make Hershey, but the will depend on head coach Troy Mann.

Kevin Elgestal, forward
He did play in Boston, but he did not look as good as his first-round draft status might indicate. It all depends on if Coach Mann has a spot for him, but I see him making Hershey this year.

Dustin Gazley, forward
No surprise here for the Hershey veteran. Since coming to the Caps organization in 2013-14, he’s played just about every game. Expect him to carry a leadership role in Hershey this year.

Nathan Walker, forward
Coming off a major knee injury, it’s a small miracle he made it to Camp at all. Walker will likely continue to play for Hershey, potentially getting the call up if enough injuries hit the main roster.

Connor Hobbs, defenseman
Despite an exceptional Rookie Tournament, Hobbs’s first time as a Capital is over early. Hershey is a likelyhood, but don’t expect too much of him.

Garrett Mitchell, defenseman
Another Hershey regular of the last four seasons is sticking around Chocolate Town.

Mark Dekanich, goalie
Despite not playing in the preseason, Dekanich made enough of an impact from rookie camp to earn an invite to Training Camp. He played in practice, but never touched the ice in preseason play. He’ll compete to play in Hershey, but South Carolina might be more likely.


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