Caps Launch New Talkshow

caps radio

On April 1, 2015, the Washington Capitals launched a new 24/7 radio station on tune The station called Caps games, as well as used music given to them by the Caps players. They also included practice updates. They carried the Bears game 7 loss last year as well.

This season, they still have their updates from practice and the music, however, they have added more Bears coverage. When the Caps do not play, they let Scott Stuccio take the mic and call the Hershey Bears. In addition, the day after a Caps game, they replay the game using the call of John Walton.

Monday, they took another step in making the station truly 24/7 Capitals news. They added their own Caps only radio talk show from 4-6 pm. They have live on air interviews with players, and national and local media. In fact, the first guest was Karl Alzner. The best part of this, is you can participate. You can call toll free at 1-855-462-2775 to ask questions or comment. If you do call in, you have a chance to win Caps tickets. You can also participate by tweeting and using the hashtag “#CapsTalk” or even email John at

As someone who enjoys others opinions I am excited to see where the show goes from here. I am tired of turning on local radio and hearing about the Redskins when the Caps are the best team in the NHL. I can finally listen to not only a hockey dedicated radio show, but one dedicated to my favorite team.


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