Caps Acquire Mike Weber


via @washcaps

The Washington Capitals have traded a 2017 third round pick to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for veteran defender Mike Weber. Buffalo retains half the salary. For the full press release click here

I do not like this move. Not one bit. I believe Chorney did extremely well as the depth defenseman. Is that not why we signed him for the next 2 years? Weber will be classified as a “rental” player. He is a UFA at the end of the season and I doubt the Caps will resign him. Yes, he will be here just for the playoffs, but I believe Carrick and Ness played well enough that they could be called up in an emergency situation just like Grubauer last postseason.

I believe this means that the Caps are going to keep Ness and Carrick in Hershey for the Calder Cup playoffs. Also, the Caps had to put Jay Beagle, who is close to returning, on LTIR so his salary cap hit would not affect the team. This also puts the Caps at the NHL maximum contract of 50, meaning to acquire anybody else, they would have to get rid of someone. However, the Caps are also up at the ceiling of the salary caps so making a move will be hard.

The NHL trade deadline is Monday, February 29. The Caps said they were not going to make many moves but we shall see what happens. The Caps have been reported to be interested in Jets, Andrew Ladd. If the Caps are going to make another move, expect it to be for him, or a similar player.



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