Playing The Full 60

ovi look skyward

via Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Last night, the Caps overlooked the Candiens who had been 9-22-2 since losing to the Caps on December 3. While watching the game, I thought they played well for the first 10 minutes, turns out they did. Then they just sat back. By the time the Caps woke up from their in-game nap, they were down 3-1 with less than half of regulation left.


This chart just proves it. They started out strong and then strolled through the next 20 minutes like it was nothing. They were completely outplayed. Until they were down 4-1, the Caps did not play their style, they did not play their game.

Look at how the Caps played after letting up that goal. They had 11 more shot attempts and scored twice. That is when they played their style and their game.

If the Caps can play a full 60 minutes like they played the after giving up that fourth goal, I do not see anybody beating them 4 out of 7 times.


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