Meet Capsbot


Capsbot is an automated message reply system used by the Capitals Facebook page. You can read more into how Capsbot came about here.

Some functions include trivia, FAQ, and buy tickets. Seeing that I have been a Caps fan since birth, I figured I would try the trivia. The questions, for the most part, are knowing info about the players and less about the team. bot chorn.jpgAnother thing to note about this, instead of using a Taylor Chorney GIF, the Capsbot just sent me a random GIF. When I got a Brooks Orpik question the Capsbot sent me a GIF of Niskanen. When you get a question wrong, the Capsbot always sends the same GIF of Justin Williams.


It also seems as if Capsbot recycles the same questions. In addition, for the trivia question above, it would be nice to know what the record is.

Capsbot seems to only know the basics, and is triggered by a certain word.

bot coach.jpg

Capsbot recognizes the word “coach” but completely ignores the word “assistant”. The case is the same if you put in the word “goalie”. Same goes here. bot-rles

If English is not your first language you may have trouble with the bot. bot span.jpg

I asked Capsbot about both a prospect under contract and an alumni. Capsbot was confused.

Nor does Capsbot have anything on the Hershey Bears or South Carolina Stingrays.


Remember how Capsbot said it can tell you who leads the Caps in goals? Well it will actually direct you to the NHL website. For the

I also noticed it either does not tell you about injuries or it does not know about injuries. This could also be because the Caps have no injuries right now. bot-inj

While Capsbot is cool, and seems like something that can be useful, it seems as though it is in the beta stage. I received this from someone in the Caps digital media department. bot dead.jpg

Capsbot as some serious potential, but it seems as though it is in a beta phase. The Caps will also need to be careful they don`t get into a similar situation the Canadiens did.

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  1. Jason cohen says:

    I love the Caps


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